Artist Statement

When our mind is in movement, like the rippling surface of a pond, all that we see are broken images. But let the wind be still, and the water cleared of all sediment, and you will see perfectly reflected the forms that formerly had been only broken in your experience. - Joseph Campbell, Myths of Light, Eastern Metaphors of the Eternal

When I take my brush loaded with paint and touch the canvas, the wind becomes still, the water is cleared of the sediment, and forms appear and disappear to create an image that was broken previously in my life. My experiences and my subconscious work together to create a visual story. I focus primarily on color and light and in the process become a shapeshifter. The uncertainty and tension that I encounter changes the mood,  appearance, and even the story sometimes. But I have learned to trust myself. I have learned to listen, perceive, and honor my impulses.

I liken the act of painting and making art to meditation and yoga. There is a sublime quality to it. When I finish, I have seen the spiritual in art, risen to a higher level of consciousness, and I feel at peace. This contentment and peace I lose often in life, in fact everyday, but regain after these practices of stillness.