Maya Between Borders

Maya, in Sanskrit means illusion.

In the series Maya Between Borders my work is focused on blending Eastern textile crafts and Western traditions of oil painting. Through the use of textiles and prints, I explore borders: borders that define my memories of what comprises home, and borders between spirituality and everyday life. These fabrics were collected from over my lifetime to recall gestures of family and life. Through architectural forms that mirror the traditional Indian weaving and block prints, these paintings build monuments to the spiritual icons that I call upon in the midst of daily routine.

As an immigrant, a woman, and a mother, it is sometimes a struggle to move between these identities. But there is also immense joy in recognizing that diversity in experiences opens the mind and the heart. My art process helps me embrace and celebrate a life that exists between these identities and emotions. My current series Maya between Borders is a recognition and acceptance of this journey.