Silicon Tree of Life

“Silicon Tree of Life”  is a modern rendition of an age old archetype that exists in every religion and culture. The tree of life connects all forms of creation by giving refuge and asylum. “Silicon Tree of Life” is depicted in gold paint against the backdrop of Intel’s Atom computer chip. The lines, the color, the light, the shapes on the silicon die read like a beautiful cubist, impressionist painting to me. As I translated the billions of electronic circuits to brushwork, I could feel the influence of my past and present.  The admiration for ancient weaving techniques and the design of the computer processor come together.

The Silicon connects us to all corners of our planet in seconds today and can be a conduit to our understanding of The Other. This hope that silicon provides gives me comfort that good will ultimately prevail. The artwork is a homage to the contributions of Asian Indians and all immigrants in Silicon Valley. Disparate cultures have worked together here to innovate, create, and develop technology that has brought the world closer and made it smaller. I feel unity and strength in diversity, and sanctuary in the interconnectedness.